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Welcome to The Design Strategist

May 18, 2011

You might be wondering.

Why bring another blog into the world?

There are a number of sites and blogs that focus exclusively
on design as a product.

And not nearly as many (or frankly enough) that make the design
process itself the core subject.

As I continue to make my professional transition from
architect and design strategist to
one where I am a design strategist and
architect (OK, admittedly a subtle distinction)

I realized that while there is a great deal of useful information
on design strategy – it is

  • sporadic,
  • hidden in the interstices of the web, or
  • in hard-to-find books,
  • not always easily accessible and even when it is,
  • difficult to glean from what is most pertinent
    and useful.

That’s where this site steps in.

I hope, with this blog, to rectify this situation.

By providing you with all things design+strategy,


D+S Book Reviews

D+Service Pieces like 50 Tactics of Highly
Successful Design Strategists

Features including interviews and Q&As

Dethinking discussions on the relevance of design thinking

The Gist (short for strate’gist) for short but substantial posts that quickly get at the
essence of an issue

Consider the site, in toto, an aggregation of all things
design strategist

I promise to keep things short, pertinent and positive.

And look forward to reading what you have to say, in your

Thanks for joining me!


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