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Design Strategy – The Week in Tweets

May 28, 2011

Here are some of my design-related Tweets that my followers on Twitter have shared with their followers (retweeted or RT in Twitter parlance.)

Take a look. Click on the links to find articles, websites and other resources.

If you are not a Tweeter, by browsing the list of micro-posts you will get a good idea of how I use it. And if you like what you see, follow me on Twitter @randydeutsch


Stanford Executive Education Taps JetBlue for Design Thinking Boot Camp July 6-8 #designthinking #design

Ori Brafman: How to Build Instant Connections & other Stanford U Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture podcasts

Here goes the weekend: I mean hundreds & hundreds of Stanford U Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture podcasts

Designing for Failure in the Cloud

An hour well-spent with Michael Bierut: #Designing, #Writing, #Teaching: Not My Real Job #design

AIA Keynote Speaker Jeb Brugmann: Use Strategic #Design to Optimize Your Market Advantage #AIA2011 #architects

The most important design tool? Asking good questions (this was my most retweeted Tweet)

Exploring #design thinking & organizational change: A Conversation at NU’s Innovator Event on Designing for Change

The New Designer Defined: excerpt from the intro to The Strategic Designer. Four Principals of the New Designer

QR Code Generator more here

Kandinsky and vacuum cleaners: @Pentagram’s Daniel Weil on the Drawing: the Process #architects #architecture

@Opening_Design Have you seen this? via @fedenegro Basecamp for architects? #mergersandaquisitions #AEC

Fully Kindle-ized, these #design books are outrageously gorgeous in just about any format @louisrosenfeld

The Design Difference: Using #Design to Conduct a Problem-Solving Workshop

Integrating #sustainability into #design #education. The Toolkit #green

Join the Designers Accord Town Hall meeting & videos #sustainability #green

No worries @louisrosenfeld We found #Design is the Problem & reading it >”He’s still a little concerned that designers won’t find the book.”

“There’s nothing off-putting about sustainability. Find someone who is in favor of purposely ruining the future”

An exclusive excerpt from Nathan Shedroff’s new book on #sustainable #design practice, Design is the Problem

Interview with Nathan Shedroff, author of Design is the Problem & MBA in #Design Strategy chair at CCA in

We’re calling Design is the Problem “the definitive guidebook to the future of design practice” #sustainability

Someone asked me today what’s a “meme broker”? A Johnny Appleseed of ideas “but not necessarily of Honeycrisps.”

As long as consumers & stockholders demand next advances that’s where #innovation will be. Not solving the big problems

US spends $1,270 per capita per year to boost R&D & #knowledge. The difference between #innovation and invention?

Polymath, Renaissance person, Multidisciplinarian (!) – Why we all must become one

Interview w Vinnie Mirchandani author of The New Polymath: Profiles in Compound-Technology #Innovations

A designer’s struggle between research & intuition in the creative process: The Science of Good #Design

The World’s Best #Design Thinking Programs (before they were announced DOA) #designthinking

@businessweek‘s Bruce Nussbaum Gives an “F” to the FT List of Best Business Schools. Where’s the #innovation?

The Power of #Design and 200 other articles, books, films & websites to help you innovate

FYI my rss feeds

Rotman School of Management’s Roger Martin: The Complete Articles and Videos

California College of the Arts #MBA in #Design #Strategy – Recommended Resources – The List

Hollywood exec producer Peter Guber: telling purposeful stories an essential skill. The Art of the Business Narrative

Thought leader interviews and articles #innovation

To compete in a knowledge-based economy business leaders need to reinvent themselves as innovators in services

Connections, James Burke’s iconic BBC series on the history of innovation, free to watch online

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